Knowledge Platform

As an integral part of our Textile Innovation Programme, our Textile Innovation Knowledge Platform has been developed to allow for e-Learning and knowledge sharing. The Platform, which was launched in September 2012 (, is an ever developing online resource for the textile sector and for students and professionals alike. Users will be able to:

  • Read and share the latest knowledge and thinking in the technical textiles field;
  • Use our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to participate in a new series of accredited learning modules (at Level 4) featuring a range of knowledge covering technical textiles markets, applications and technologies;
  • Share and stimulate networking and good practice within and between institutions and organisations;
  • Support collaborative research and development with regional companies;
  • Stimulate and increase the level and quality of commercialisation propositions;
  • Develop links and relationships with agencies, organisations and individuals who could provide support throughout the UK, Europe and beyond;

Read and contribute information, case studies and technical information directly relating to technical textile applications for companies, students and academics.

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