Technical Support

Cut Make Trim (CMT)

'Textile Centre Tailoring' is a small local tailoring operation based at the Textile Centre of Excellence in Huddersfield. The Sampling Unit started developing patterns and sample garments utilising the unique 'SigNature DNA' fabric that had been developed through the Centre's Textile Innovation Programme. 'SigNature DNA' fabric is impregnated with botanical DNA as an anti-counterfeiting agent, and is woven on site next door to the sample room.

We now offer an exclusive range of bespoke and ready-to-wear men's and women's tailoring using this unique fabric. We currently offer 14 different worsted wools that are a wool/cashmere blend, all of which have our signature selvedge containing all the cloth information.

Cut and Fit

The Unit offers a range of fully bespoke, made-to-measure and ready-to-wear men's and women's suits, each designed to personal specifications from design to preferred styles of fit. Maria Grzywacz, our Studio Manager and pattern cutter, measures customers and cuts both the pattern and cloth accordingly. With bespoke tailoring, we follow the cutting with a 'try on' where the suit is altered to fit. This process is repeated until the customer is satisfied with the cut and fit of the suit, at which stage it is handed to our team of experienced machinists who complete the garment.

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Sampling and small scale production runs

Are you a small business or a new designer looking for production capacity? You've found it!

With a great package of service provision, the experienced technical team within the Centre’s clothing studio provides support to member companies and to companies who are reluctant to slow down their high production lines to accommodate small or sample runs. The Textile Centre's CMT service could take your wool, cotton or linen design, create a pattern and make a sample of the design before putting it into small batch production. We have experience in men's and women's tailoring as well as some aspects of children's wear.

The following services can be offered to support your particular requirements:

  • Sampling
  • Pattern Cutting
  • Full Cut Make Trim facility
  • Pressing and rectification work
  • Single head embroidery facility

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