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This modern, workplace based Training Centre features state-of-the-art Textile Technology combined with a wealth of in-house expertise. The training available can be tailor-made to suit the needs of specific companies/individuals.

The manufacturing facility offers commission weaving and commission warping, including samples, and with a portfolio of work ranging from sampling to innovative weaving with DNA, the likelihood is that we would be able to meet the majority of textile manufacturing requirements.

Machinery available in the workshop includes:

Karl Mayer Rot-A-Matic Sample Warper

Single end Warping machine
Capable of handling up to 14 different colours
Fully computerised Control System
Operator friendly Touch-Screen controls
Facility for waxing the warp if required
Length of Warp: Min - 7m Max - 140m

Vamatex Leonardo Weaving Machine

8 Colour handling capability
Woven width of 1100mm-2100mm
Fimtextile rotary dobby shedding system, capable of accommodating up to 20 heald frames
Electronic Computer Console controls the let off, take up, design, colour, pattern, cloth length and all statistical data
Featuring the latest Dracup electronic Name Selvedge system, capable of weaving a name selvedge consisting of up to 64 ends each side or even a different name edge on either side.
Selvedge options: Fringe, "Tuck-in" + Burner for man made/filament yarns.

Sulzer - Ruti G6200 Weaving Machine

Woven width of 1100mm-1900mm
Staubli dobby up to 16 heald frames
4 colour weft selector
Fringe or burner selvedge formation.
Upper beam assembly for double or technical fabrics.
Rapier can run on support teeth for normal yarns or race board for filament and Technical yarns

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