Apprenticeship Training

Apprenticeships are nationally recognised qualifications developed by industry and relate to specific on-the-job training.

In England alone, more than 130,000 businesses employ 250,000 apprentices. Research shows that there are significant benefits for both employers and apprentices. Employers gain a highly motivated and loyal workforce that helps boost productivity and makes a positive difference to their business from day one, and individuals improve their skills and career prospects whilst continuing to learn and earn a wage.

All apprenticeships include the following elements:

  • A competency work-based qualification (NVQ or equivalent)
  • Functional Skills, which are transferable qualifications in ICT, English and maths
  • A technical or knowledge-based qualification related to the NVQ
  • A module on employment rights and responsibilities

Advantages for Employers

  • designed to help your employees reach a high level of competency and performance
  • will help your organisation to be more effective, productive and competitive
  • can address your skills gap – one of the biggest threats to UK business
  • ensures your workforce has relevant, practical skills and qualifications that fit your business needs
  • increases motivation, flexibility, satisfaction and loyalty of your employees
  • reduces your staff turnover (which can incur huge associated costs) by increasing staff retention
  • increases the value of your workforce and your chances of success
  • improves technical abilities and transferable skills
  • takes place on-the-job making it a cost-effective method of improving skills (or: takes place on-the-job, reducing training costs & down time)

Advantages for Learners

  • earn while you learn
  • gain a nationally recognised qualification
  • increase your chances of better pay, promotion, job security and satisfaction
  • improve your skills and knowledge with hands-on experience
  • learn at your own pace with one-to-one support throughout
  • increase your opportunity to continue learning at a higher level

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Apprenticeship Resources

Below you can find a selection of documents, key to both apprentices and employers, providing both with important information about apprenticeship rights, responsibilities and safety. Your assessor will guide you through them as part of the apprenticeship programme.

Areas of Apprenticeship Training

NVQ Title

Technical Certificate Title

Functional Skills
Requirements & Titles

Textiles & Fashion

Certificate in Manufacturing Textile Products Level 2

Certificate in Apparel or Textile Production Level 2

English L1 & Maths L1

Diploma in Manufacturing Textile Products Level 3

Diploma in Textile Design & Manufacture Level 3

English L2 & Maths L2

Certificate in Manufacturing Sewn Products Level 2

Certificate in Apparel or Textile Production Level 2

English L1 & Maths L1

Certificate in Apparel Manufacturing Technology Level 3

Diploma in Apparel Production Level 3

English L2 & Maths L2

Business & Administration

Diploma in Business & Administration Level 2

ICT L1, English L1 & Maths L1

Diploma in Business & Administration Level 3

ICT L2, English L2 & Maths L2

Warehousing & Storage Skills

Certificate in Warehousing & Storage Level 2

Employer Rights & Responsibilities

English L1 & Maths L1

Logistics Operations

Certificate in Logistics Operations Level 3

Employer Rights & Responsibilities

ICT L2, English L2 & Maths L2

Customer Service

Diploma in Customer Service Level 2

English L1 & Maths L1

Diploma in Customer Service Level 3

English L2 & Maths L2

Team Leading

Certificate in Team Leading Level 2

Certificate in Team Leading Principles Level 2

ICT L1, English L1 & Maths L1


“The programme has really helped me to develop as a learner, as well as providing me with progression opportunities.”
Lloyd Pearson. Apparel NVQ Apprentice.

“Glad I have Mike’s and Roy’s email address – when I get stuck they are there to help me.”
Ben Thorpe. Print NVQ Apprentice.

“The apprenticeship programme is a good way for young learners to achieve a qualification & build a brighter future.”
Laura Macaskill. Business & Administration NVQ Apprentice.

"Regular meetings with my assessor meant I stayed on track and got help."
Charlotte Heaton, Business Administration Apprentice.

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